7/04/2019 The truth is…

Honestly I was hoping this website would help me to give myself one million dollars. So far I have accomplished increasing paraplegia while holding down a low paying laboratory job, while reaching massive student loan debt while chasing after a non-bar approved juris doctorate.

I did succeed in passing the first year law student exam in California. I hope to pass my third year of law school in a few months, and then enter into my fourth and final year most likely in May of 2020.

I am an aspiring Youtuber, game developer and comic book creator.

I cannot speak about why I need to raise money; social engineering is against me. I am doing better against it than most. At least I recognize it for what it is and seek to evade it academically and through counter engineering of my games and comics. All to say to someone after they reach a certain age that I love them and I can not speak to them.

It is certainly a cruel, cruel world, yet I endeavor to make it a better place when and if I can. Just, if you judge someone without hearing their side, they may be innocent. Remember this if you meet some old man who says they always loved you, and there was no legal recourse.

I could really use some help. My health is fading ... I hope I have at least another ten years to at least tell someone I love them some day.

12/03/2018 A little about me…

My name is Todd Reisinger. I am the creator and author of Monster Trucks Comics, and Dragon Ponies, amongst other works of art.

I am currently in my third year of law school working towards completion of my Juris Doctorate.

I am a game developer and currently work as a medical laboratory technician.

Please visit my Youtube Channels at




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